Due to the remote location and difficult access, there is not any emergency or medical personnel on the trail and cell phone reception is not available.  In case of emergency or debilitating injury, it is best to leave one person with the injured party and send another to contact the Wakely Crew. If you are alone and become ill or injured and cannot make it out, stay on the trail or at a lean-to so you can be located. Help could be a long time coming.  Emergency officials will be notified if a registered runner does not make it to the finish.  If you end up spending the night and are ambulatory, please try to make it to the finish as soon as possible to avoid an unnecessary search. A rescue in the Adirondack Park could be very expensive and shall be the sole responsibility of the injured party - so please, run within your capability, watch your footing at all times and be wary of natural hazards.

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