2017 Schedule of Events

Friday July 28th

4:00pm- Athlete check-in and packet-pickup at the Piseco Airport.  If you are unable to be present on Friday, your race packet will be waiting for you at the start line.

4:00pm-6:30pmPre-race pasta (included with registration) meal begins. Guests $3.00 or $6.00 for family.

6:00pm- Course updates with RD Doug

Saturday July 29th

4:00am- Coffee with be provided. Bring your own travel mug to enjoy during bus ride.  If you place it in your race bag, the WDU staff will ensure that you will be able to pick it up after you finish.

4:30am- Bus arrives at The Piseco Airport

4:45am-Bus departs from The Piseco Airport

Each participant is required to check-in!

6:15am- Last minute direction from RDDoug and photo. 

6:30am- Start of race (no dogs allowed)

Finish Line-The Wakely Dam Crew will be waiting for each and every runner to cross the finish line.  Feel free to stay and enjoy the post-race food and festivities for all runners and families/guests.  Please note however, we will begin breaking down the finish line area (10.5 hours race time) at 5:00pm.  

Trail Etiquette

Leave not a Trace - If you carry it in, please carry it out. The Sweep Runners are not there to pick up litter - though they will if they have to (if fact, so should everyone).

Share the Trail- Hikers will be using the trail too. Offer a pleasant greeting and carefully walk around the hikers.

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