There is NYS campgrounds close to The Piseco Airport.

Poplar Point is a very nice park with 21 campsites and is about a mile or so from the start.

Little Sand Point is a a few miles further past Poplar Point. This campground has 75 sites and a fairly new bath house with HOT showers!

Reservations can be made online at: Reserve-America.

Camping at the Dam!

There will be NO ILLEGAL camping allowed at the Dam.

“While at the dam and at the remote Moose River Plains sites, camping is allowed ONLY at designated sites.  You are permitted only two tents per site.  There is NO CAMPING in the center large grassy parking area on the west side of the dam.  If you arrive late and there are no legal campsites at the dam (and odds are there will not be) you cannot set up a tent – you must sleep in your car.  NYS Rangers will be patrolling the area on Friday and Saturday and violators may be prosecuted.  Please be considerate of other campers, your fellow Wakely runners, and the race crew by following these rules.”

There are about 8 primitive campsites at the dam and by Friday night, these sites might be full.· There are outhouses, fire pits and picnic tables. There are abundant primitive campsites just down the road from the dam (around 60) ranging from a 10 minute (6 miles) to a 30 minute drive down a dirt road.· These sites are tucked back off the road and are very private.· They have outhouses, fire pits and a table.· All of the primitive sites at the dam and down the road are free, but you wouldn't want to show up after dark and expect to find and set up your camp. There is no running water or electricity at any of the sites.· There is a fresh water spring about 5 minutes down the dirt road. 

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